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ZOCOR is a prescription drug that is indicated as an addition to diet for many patients with high cholesterol when diet and exercise are inadequate. For patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) and high cholesterol, ZOCOR is indicated as an addition to diet to reduce the risk of death by reducing coronary death; to reduce the risk of heart attack; to reduce the risk for undergoing cardiac procedures (coronary artery bypass grafting and percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty); and to reduce the risk of stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA).

Friday, October 5, 2007

Zocor® Side Effects

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With many years of experience statin behind of us, a few clinical physicians would discuss efficiency of this class of drugs in reduction of cardiovascular risk of illness. However, as numbers of patients on statin drugs has increased and more experience of a by-effect it has been received, we now have learned, that adverse reactions from these drugs represent the main interest.

Five years ago, when I have begun my research rather Lipitor, Mevacor and Zocor, so-called stronger statins, have informed, that by-effects were first of all " several pains and pains and casual intolerance of a liver ", probably comprehensible price for a society to pay for such favourable class of drugs.

Any more does not do it arrives even close to the truth. From the big anxiety today - growing numbers of adverse messages on a preparation, connected with use these drugs, reflecting dysfunction of many various systems of a body. As it is informed in my book in greater details, all over again I have learned about the validity of serious exhaustion CoQ10 from statin uses of a preparation, including Zocor, and have understood, that this important element mevalonate tracks, its deficiency, have brought the contribution to the majority collateral

My research then has specified on dolichols, known to be strictly settled all statins. My book informs on a vital role dolichols in accommodation of vital sugar on growing coast of fiber to generate our idea, sensation and emotion as neuropeptides and glycoproteins. Changed phosphorylation with tau surplus of fiber, other main consequence Zocor and all another statins on ours mevalonate to a track - a probable explanation of the World Organization of public health services the recent message

Here are some of the messages I have received from readers website on their personal experiences of Zocor Side Effects.

1.) I have been placed in Zocor for high cholesterol (300), and after 3 years, I had the greater difficulty going upward, painful, session, rising, moving. I am tired all time, felt nasty, any energy. As I am healthy except for this high problem of cholesterol, I could not understand that was wrong. At last I have found the medical doctor, which also methods " east medicine " who has defined a problem at once. It has removed me of this treatment for (hell), giving me natural

2.) our problems have begun on September, 1th 2004. My husband in the age of 52 years had heart attack, It had a court yard - pass 4 days later. Then on " a cocktail of heart meds " 100 mg Zocor, Niaspan 1000 ER, Enalapril 20 mg, Lipitor XL 25 mg, Aspirin of 325 mg, and then they place it in Celebrex and ibuprofen 800 mg. After intimate surgery its neck has started to damage, and at last MRI has told, that it had an arthritis and mass effects of it through area. Never had this problem before surgery...Could not remember a thing... Other times, we shall go somewhere (where we were many times), and forget how to reach there and where it went... Its boss even has told to it, that probably it should leave (he is a manager of service) as it could not remember anything.. Asked the intimate doctor has told, that there is no way... The house doctor the same thing then it would come across around of the house and going (as, it has been drunk).
Then this beginning...., it was not the same person whom I married 27 years ago. Its individuality has changed, its conversation has stopped, it has told it, that I know that I wish to tell, but it does not leave or not a way which I want. Its legs only would kill its damaging a part of a muscle and then the begun connection..... It continued to worsen, begun to do research and with it Cholesterol having LOW (all this, total, LDL ,HDL , accurate.) I have learned, that it should.Asked them if they have read through research about by-effects and that there should pass some people. They thought, that I was cranky, and my husband really left all meds and continued appendices and vitamins back in June. Start to feel better, but not completely. All of them speak it, that it угнетен. Now it has new doctors (family), has told to it everything, that happens and as it felt, They have made work of blood, it could not be statins as work of blood was fine!...So want it back on Lipitor, has told, that the doctor will have more likely something for it. It looked at me and has told to me, that I tried to kill my husband, It looked at it and has told, that it should have the greater policy of life insurance on you, by then I have been so noted by a tick, I could, had, barrels, pairs... Has told to it not, I shall receive chance to have enough to bury it, I try to hold its healthy and alive.
It had the shuffle, a hard time rise, from a chair.. It has not filled prescripiton nevertheless as I shall not do it.. It now has a high blood pressure now, and - the diabetic, and metabolic problems. Any of it before heart attack about which we knew... I ever do not speak good things about statins. I to have taken lipitor within several years to receive my cholesterol downwards, it never did, but any by-effects. Only desirable you could force to listen to doctors you and to understand, that these pains are real...And by-effects of these meds: they give you a median, to cover a problem and then to give you other problem... And so on... I shall receive your books and to read them. I am on war about this material also. I have received it on research for Beatrice Golomb..., they have, answered the letter and has told probably, that we should try it and this..., who, thought, that the life will appear it by... Many thanks for hearing us, and knowledge, that we have, has passed. YES the LORD WILL bless YOU.

3.) I have been put on Zocor within approximately six years (10 mg only). It should correct high cholesterol which cannot be reduced, sitting on a diet. I recently have stopped to take it after reading many rooms for discussions and events of people with statins. I developed lower pain in a waist which according to mine Chiropractic was is forced by wrong position, but I have my doubts concerning it. My neck was obviously not directly, and I was accustomed to propensity to one.

4.) I - the 58-years old former Sea pilot who still flies for pleasure. One week ago on Monday I had that the doctor originally classified as TIA though I had no physical attributes, only loss of memory. After supervision of the neuropathologist and reception of the whole battery of tests, it classified it as TGA. I was on statins for many years, and approximately 18 months back my doctor has increased my doze Zocor from 20mg up to 40mg. My wife of 4 years has told, that it.I have been interested about restrictions which TGA will cause to my flight and have started to investigate TGAs on the Internet where I have found your website. I have provided the information from your site up to my neuropathologist. It then has come back through the literature which it has received from the companies of a preparation on statins and could not find any mention about TGAs as far as possible by-effects. It has been very interested and plans to contact the companies of a preparation directly. I have stopped to take Zocor.I just ordered your book as well as one by Dr. Ravnskov on The Cholesterol Myths. I have also contacted my brother, a former Air Force pilot who is taking Lipitor and referred him to your web site. Thank you for the work you are doing to bring this issue more attention.

5.) I only read your clause in March 11-th Florida Today the newspaper and as you can see, that I have gone to your website. I had small heart attack in 1999 and as a result was on Zocor and the friend meds since then. I was on 25 mg and after several months, I have noticed, that my memory worsened, which I thought, have been caused by my age and was that my Doctor has told to me. To me now 86 years. Approximately two years ago I spoke with my doctor about a problem, and it has offered, that I.

6.) I had two cases of loss of memory within a month. They only last within approximately ten minutes, and all, apparently, comes back. I forget, where I am and that I did. I was on Simvastatin within two years. Begun with 10mg then recently has been increased to 50 mg. However I did not observe a bottle when it has arrived, and I have begun only with half of pill. After that episode of loss of memory and hearing you on a dramatized programme I checked my bottle and have found, that the instruction was for 80mg.


Wagstaff and a command al doctors from University of Duke has informed from their review 2001 approximately 71 000 adverse messages on a preparation, filed in warehouse FAA Medwatch, that the majority of 84 cases TGA buried there has been connected with use Zocor. They have informed on it in Medicamentous treatment in August 2001.
Our " few aches and pains " has evolved to many deaths from rhabdomyolysis and rising numbers of patients with debilitating muscle pain persisting for years despite cessation of the statin drug involved, a position shared by Zocor and its counterparts. We are seeing severe emotional problems with hostility, aggressiveness and suicides being reported associated with use of Zocor and its sister drugs. Ours " there are some pains and pains " have developed to many fatal cases from rhabdomyolysis.
Neuropathies, the idea all over again to be rather rare, represent specific interest because of their refusal to recourse. невропатии are connected with use Zocor and all stronger statins. We now know, that the main by-effect of these statin drugs - deterioration of cellular energy, bringing the contribution to many cases of close cardiac arrest and chronic weariness.
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I also did not think earlier that there is such party, thanks you for the detailed description zocor will be cautious.