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Friday, October 19, 2007

Influence of coffee on health

Influence of coffee on health is a favourite theme of disputes of fans and haters of coffee. It goes from time immemorial and hardly will sometime come to the end. After all and that, and other party considers influence of coffee on health, being based on results of scientific researches. So - operating with the facts! And it is necessary to tell, that by scientists of all world it is made more than 19 thousand researches about influence of coffee on health. And their results meanwhile do not give possibility objectively to be inclined on that or on other party. That will find out, that coffee causes a cancer will find out, that it relieves of a diabetes. How here to be defined, what valid influence of coffee on health? I think, here all individually.

Considering influence of coffee on health, approach to this question individually. That is, ask itself a question: "And what influence of coffee on my health?" Also listen to the organism. If you would like some coffee drink. And if your organism against do not force itself even if are assured, that influence of coffee on health is rather positive.

Periodically in this or that country coffee consumption decreases or increases. But as a whole the balance of consumption of coffee of the world remains. And, what influence of coffee on health was, its use all over the world only increases every year.
Coffee cup

Here recently analysts mark some decrease and redistribution of structure of consumption of coffee in US. Also it is connected not only and not so much with the economic reasons (inflation growth, increase of the prices), how many with increase of attention of US to the health and development in US cultures of the use of coffee. Last two reasons force the US fans of coffee to study the information about influence of coffee on health. And, of course, to pass with soluble to the natural product, after all all natural is more useful, than tne past to any processing. Whether but so it? Let's consider structure of coffee grain.

So, fresh coffee grain contains about 2 thousand the substances forming influence of coffee on health. Among them water, caffeine of 0,65-2,7 %, fat of 12 %, fibers of 13 %. In process to fry the structure of coffee grains varies. Change degree depends on degree and duration to fry. In particular, the caffeine maintenance increases a minimum to 1,3 %. And in the course of preparation of an instant coffee the caffeine maintenance increases in general a minimum to 5 %. Also, considering influence of coffee on health, it is necessary to tell, that coffee grain contains kalii, calcium, magnesium, iron and other microcells. The fried coffee grains contain vitamin PP, piridin and other vitamins.

Do conclusions. For example, if to consider invigorating and exciting effect of coffee stronger influence of coffee on health appears if this coffee soluble. Though amendments on excitability of the nervous system here are necessary. On some and the "horse" dose of coffee does not render any making active influence. Thus, it is possible to draw this conclusion once again: influence of coffee on health so individually, that any general opinion here, probably, never also will not be.
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Alise said...

The interesting theory is put forward by you, but in my opinion it only the theory.

happy said...

Thank you for interesting ideas. Here are some more coffee facts if you are interested in this issue.

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